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What to Expect

What to Expect

People visit churches for all kinds of reasons - some want to connect with God in a more meaningful and personal way, others are looking for a deeper sense of community relationships, and some are just desperate for help or change in their lives. Whatever you're reason or interest is, we welcome you to come and experience the joy of being in relationships with others at Bridging Rivers Community Alliance Church who are seeking out answers to some of life's biggest questions

Most our Community Life Group gatherings occur during the week, commonly in the evening and begin with some food and fellowship time, where in relationship we celebrate God's goodness in our lives.  This leads into a time of reflection and prayer where we share stories of God's work in our families and community from throughout the week.  We often sing songs that are led on the guitar or piano.  And usually follow that up with some spiritual nourshipment where we may listen to a message, engage in a bible study, or discuss biblical topics that collide with culture depending on the particular gathering, all of which is led and facilitated by our church community leadership, but not without the participation and help of others within the group. 

Each group also looks for ways to engage the needs of the community around us, as well as to the outer parts of the world to see where we can join together and fill various needs within our community and others

We welcome the joy of having children in our midst.  Children, as noted from our "Children and Youth" page, will be encouraged to be included amongst the adults when/where appropriate levels of maturity are evident.  And for the younger children, a seperate adjoining space will be utilized with age appropriate teaching, taught by BRCAC people who have been trained and have all their child clearances and background checks.  

Dress is casual and comfortable.   

We look forward to connecting with you!

To come and check us out please "click here", or for additional questions visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" page.