COVID-19 PANDEMIC POSITION:  As we're optimistically evaluating the progress of the declining COVID numbers, we are looking to engage in person as well as through activities that are being offered on a digital platforms, made available online here via our website, facebook, and social media pages!  With any questions on how you can connect, please email us at:  "".  We look forward to connecting with and knowing you!

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Life's Biggest Questions

Life's Biggest Questions

Wrestling with some of life’s biggest questions or challenges?  And willing to consider the possibility that God has the answers but are often “put-off” by formal or traditional models of church? Don’t allow that to prevent you from searching for God’s TRUTH!

Come and join us in pursuing God's TRUTH together "online" via zoom, where we bring the church to you in a casual environment where it’s fun and exciting to meet others that are wrestling with similar questions in life. 

Continuing every week for 11 weeks, we’ll gather to consider life’s biggest questions by viewing a short video followed by a relaxed discussion. (Watch trailer video:

It’s a place where everyone is welcome, including children and families.  We look forward to connecting with you!  Pastor Ryan Manners. 

Also follow us on Facebook & Instagram for other gatherings and venues.  

With Questions call us at:   412-979-8828 

Email us at: "" with any questions.