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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you find the answers!

Q:  Where do you meet and how can I visit or get connected?

A:  During this COVID-19 pandemic season, we are meeting "online" throughout the week on digital/virtual platforms.  While normally we meet in homes and various public gathering spaces throughout the "twin borough" communities of Verona and Oakmont.  To visit or get connected with one of these groups please email us at:  ""  for more information. 


Q:  Do you currently have a Sunday service time?

A:  Not yet.  As the groups are growing and gaining momentum, in God's timing, we will bring the corporate collection of those groups together to form a Sunday service at which time we willl begin to "gather" on Sunday to then "scatter" on mission throughout the week!  


Q:  Are you a non-profit?  How do you handle donations?  

A:  Yes, we are a 501c3 non-profit religious Church organization under the Christian & Missionary Alliance.  And as such all donations are tax-deductable.  You can donate by clicking on the "Online Giving" page.  


Q:  What area of Pittsburgh do you serve? 

A:  Primarily we strive to serve, the "twin bourough" communities of VeronaOakmont and then parts of Penn Hills.  But additionally we want to impact the surrounding communities all the way to the outer parts of the world, and have various different strategies for accomplishing just that!


Q:  How do you handle childcare? 

A:  Each weekday church group gathering takes care of it's own childcare needs.  For example, one location may have a rotation of parents (with proper clearances) taking care of the kids, while another may have the older kids take care of the younger kids, or still another may have the kids stay with the rest of the group, or even a mixture of all of the above.  When we begin having Sunday services we will provide child care and spiritual nourshipment at each various different age level.  


Q:  What is done with the money that is given to the church? 

A:  One of the blessings of this church model is that there is very little cost to operate it with no large programs, or buildings to operate and maintain.  This enables the church to use all of the money for advancing kingdom purposes, both locally and globally.  


For questions that haven't been answered here or somewhere else on our site, please email your questions to us "".

Thank you for taking an interest in Bridging Rivers Community!

We look forward to meeting you!