COVID-19 PANDEMIC POSITION:  As we're optimistically evaluating the progress of the declining COVID numbers, we are looking to engage in person as well as through activities that are being offered on a digital platforms, made available online here via our website, facebook, and social media pages!  With any questions on how you can connect, please email us at:  "".  We look forward to connecting with and knowing you!

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Currently we're growing through the multiplication of Community Life Groups that meet during the week at different times and in different locations around the "twin borough" communities of Verona and Oakmont, PA.  We hope to introduce corporate Sunday gatherings sometime in the year 2021.  

So whether your interested in visiting, joining a Community Life Group, or simply have some questions, we'd love to hear from you!

General Contact Email:


Call us at:   412-979-8828

Please give us your contact info, preferred method of follow up, and subject with your questions.  We look forward to connecting with you!