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Some of Life's Biggest Questions

Community Group Gatherings

Wrestling with some of life’s biggest questions or challenges?  And willing to consider the possibility that God has the answers but are often “put-off” by formal or traditional models of church? Don’t allow that to prevent you from searching for God’s TRUTH!

Start the New Year of 2020 off right, by pursuing the answers.  Come and join us every Thursday evening at the Oakmont Library from 6-8pm where we bring the church to you in a casual environment where it’s fun and exciting to meet others that are wrestling with similar questions in life.  Beginning in January on Thursday, January 16th, and continuing every week for 14 weeks, we’ll gather to consider life’s biggest questions by viewing a short video followed by a relaxed discussion.  It’s a place where everyone is welcome including children and families.  We look forward to connecting with you!  Pastor Ryan Manners. 

Visit us on the web at: and on Social Media on Facebook & Instagram for other gatherings and venues.  

With Questions call us at:   412-979-8828   or   Email:

Email us at:  "" with any questions.

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