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Through the Side Door

Through the Side Door

While growing up, our family always had a "side door" and a "front door" entrance.  Those that entered through the front door experienced welcoming hospitality, love, honor, respect, and a genuine interest to know and understand the honored guest

But those that entered through the "side door" entrance were always more than a guest.  They were those who were already known on a deeper level.  And while they experienced all of the same genuine fellowship as those that entered through the front door, they experienced the added privilege of knowing and being known by the residing family, with immediate entry into the rich presence of family fellowship

At Bridging Rivers Community Alliance Church, we desire to be known as the "side door" church where rich family fellowship and discipleship is available to all who "connect through the side door" and integrate into one of our "side door" groups, otherwise known as "Community Life Groups" that meet all throughout the week. 

As we grow as a fellowship body, we'll also adopt a way to connect through the "front door" entrance as part of a corporate Sabbath service, but currently we're growing and welcoming people in through the "side door" where the fellowship is rich and sweet!

We look forward to knowing you and being known by you!

To visit one of our "Community Life Groups", please "click here".