COVID-19 PANDEMIC POSITION:  As we're optimistically evaluating the progress of the declining COVID numbers, we are looking to engage in person as well as through activities that are being offered on a digital platforms, made available online here via our website, facebook, and social media pages!  With any questions on how you can connect, please email us at:  "".  We look forward to connecting with and knowing you!

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About Community Life Groups

About Community Life Groups

The New Testament gives specific examples of how we’re supposed to relate to each other. These instructions are often referred to as the “one another” commands.

There are actually 59 different “one another” commands in the New Testament. Here are nine of them 

I challenge you to ask yourself:  “How much of this is really possible for me to experience in only a few hours on a Sunday morning?

Realistically, probably not very much!

That’s why the "engine" of our church model utilizes what we call missional “Community Life Groups”.  Community Life Groups are the place where we cultivate authentic Christian community with "one another".  It is here that we endeaver to "go deeper" in our relationship with Jesus and with othersAnd it is in the context of this environment that disciples are made as we pursue authentic relationships, meaningful conversations, and deep-rooted commitment in the context of missional community all throughout the week!

We also believe that this investment in "Community Life Groups", will bring a richer, more missional, and meaningful purpose to our corporate Sabbath worship gatherings!

To learn more about our Community Life Groups, or how you connect through the "side door", visit our "What to Expect" page!